129 Robertsville Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, On the backside of Grove Center facing the swimming pool and Oak Ridge High School track.
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It's never too late to change your life! Two events for the price of one!
-April 4, 2017

Registered Nutritionist, Janet Powell, and Certified Trainer, Amy Petelka, helped our guest understand the relationship between nutrition and exercise.
Guests joined us for fun, good food, laughter, and sharing. They received a Free smoothie & food diary, door prizes, and meal were provided.

Nutrition & YOU and Finding Fitness events
- Feb. 19, 2017

Registered Nutritionist, Janet Powell, and Certified Trainer, Amy Petelka, spoke with attendees to understand how to turn recipes into a healthy recipes and where to find exercise time in a busy life! Attendees received a free smoothie, a meal, a food diary & exercise diary, and door prizes!
Nutrition & YOU event Jan 2, 3, 4, 2017

Registered Nutritionist, Janet Powell, conversed with several attendees about nutrition in relation to health and weight-loss at The Smoothie Patch. Attendees received a free smoothie & food diary, door
Family is at the core of The Smoothie Patch, and it is with this value of family that we are confident in presenting an excellent product. We believe in making our family healthy and want to share with you our products that will allow your family to be healthy. Do you have brittle nails? Are you losing your hair? Can your skin look better? Do you suffer from being over weight or suffer from a disease? Studies reveal that eating or drinking healthy items will help with all of these problems (see proof from Dr. Oz or watch the Dr Oz show). What better way to achieve this, by drinking one of our healthy delicious smoothies. Drinking a smoothie will allow you to get the whole nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. So stop by our shop. It doesn't matter if you are 5 years old or 80, our smoothies are for everyone. Remember we want your family to be healthy so what better way to do it? “Drink The Smoothie Patch smoothies,” you will be impressed.

The Smoothie Patch offers smoothies using whole fruits and vegetables. View our Website or visit us on facebook to view our wide variety or just come on in and visit. We have positioned ourselves in the heart of Oak Ridge in the Historic Grove Center across from the Oak Ridge High School track for easy access.

When you come to the Smoothie Patch, you will see a market that helps people attain a healthy body weight. We carry, exclusively, a product called: Muffin Stop (a Purity Products brand that has been clinically studied), which will help you get stubborn fat and cellulite off your midsection and thighs. You will find juice cleansers, waist cinches, but lifts, slimming gels, The Slim Fit Boards, body applicator wraps, shape up wraps and many other items that really allow you to get ahead of that stubborn thing we call fat. You will also see things in our market that encourages people to get out and do something. You will find dance items such as leotards, ballet point shoes, pirouette shoes, tutus and many other dance items. We have hiking items for the great outdoors. You will see survival gear, tent lights, the never ending match, The Lifestraw, Clug Bike racks and of the sort. So before you go to one of those big outlet stores, come give us a try and see how The Smoothie Patch can save you time and money. The Smoothie Patch is a convenient way to find what you are looking for in staying fit and sipping on a healthy smoothie. We will even order items in for you, just tell us what you are looking for. Come by to see us at 129 Robertsville Road across from the Oak Ridge swimming pool and high school track. We can't wait to see you!

-The Smoothie Patch Team