129 Robertsville Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, On the backside of Grove Center facing the swimming pool and Oak Ridge High School track.
The Smoothie Patch
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About The Smoothie Patch Serving Oak Ridge and Surrounding Areas

The Smoothie Patch offers smoothies using all natural fruits and yogurt. Customers can also choose to add an organic plant protein to their smoothie.

Our smoothies are real smoothies with real taste, without sugar additives. Through the introduction of making smoothies at home, a unique product was created to offer the public. This product far exceeds the current market.
We are located in the heart of Oak Ridge where there is easy access from the high school track and outside swimming pool, and on the backside of Historic Grove Center.

We also offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and tree-nut free smoothies and do our best to prevent any cross-contamination. None-the-less, customers with gluten, dairy, and tree nut allergies should be mindful to tell us, so we may create the smoothie according to your needs.